Friday, February 20, 2009

From Mughsayl to DhalQut to Karfut

February 13 - The day is hazy. The wind blew all night. Visability is lousy. They say it's a north wind so it has kicked up all the dust in Saudi and brought it this way.

Feb. 14 We drive to Mughsayl~ another proposed site for the Land Bountiful. We slept in the cave here last October. There was a storm off the coast of Somalia in Africa which brought rain and rough seas. It's strange being back, but this time, in good weather.

We climb to the top of the "cave". Take photos of excavation work done by BYU and the parking lot so far below.

If the Land Bountiful, is Mughsayl, as some propose, this picture would be from Nephi's mount.

We have a delicious lime/lemonade at the dusty, primitive, little cafe. I didn't expect the beautiful presentation!!
The ocean is too rough from the dust storm. The fishing boats are grounded. We have to camp in the rest area at DhalQut. Whenever I'm here (twice now), we have rough seas. Why is that? If we ever get in, will we be able to get out?

Warren thinks sleeping in the car shouldn't be any different than sleeping on an airplane. He has body kinks in the morning. (Surprise). Yep, not any different.
Note to readers: Dust storms aren't good for the sinuses either.

February 15 My last meal before heading out for a week of camp food. Their Indian curry isn't anything like what they serve in the States!

The town of DhalQut:

Sights around town:

I convince kids to let me take pictures of their feet or their hands before I get shots of their faces. Seeing the immediate ditigal results is fun and warms them up.

Feb. 15th (Noon): All is clear. It's time to head for "Bountiful".

First: We must procure and load up a seaworthy vessel.

Second: A handsome skipper!

Just call me "Mrs. Howell the Third, Lovie!"

Sorry, no photos available of our "Exciting Beach Landing" but we do have some as the Minnow leaves us and heads back to her home port.

If you have a minute, there's a departing action shot:

We kick away the dried evidence of locally grazed cows and camels. Camp is quickly set up. The day is still hazy from the Saudi sand storm dust.


Nicole said...

Very nice Mrs. Howell. Glad you didn't get stranded. I can't wait for more!

Paty said...

Love your photos of the kids. Great idea to let them see photos of their own feet to warm them up. I will use that technique with my Mexican kids here. Also the "kids"--I've LOVED goats ever since the Three Billy Goats Gruff lived on a ditch-bank close to my house when I was a kid!

Good job Sherry! Can't wait to see more. If you go again I wanna go with!

Patty Fingers said...

why are those goats on the steps like that?